Survey sites that are worth your time

7 Survey sites That Are Worth Your Time

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When you think of taking surveys, you think about 20-30 questions that you have to ask for a little bit of money. Well, that part may be true, but not all survey sites are bad, and some survey sites are worth your time.

I have been taking surveys for extra money since 2009. It always comes in handy when I have nothing to do, and I want to make some extra cash. There are more lucrative was to make extra cash, but surveys can give you money quickly.

The best thing to do when it comes to taking surveys is to not waste your time on surveys that pay less than a dollar or disqualify you a lot. These survey sites I am going to mention are legit and worth your time. No, you will not get rich taking surveys for money but having some money for gas, your cell phone bill, or groceries can help you out. These survey sites will help you earn $100 a month or more.

You earn cash for taking surveys on a variety of topics. Before you search online to find ways to make money with surveys, here are 7 survey sites that are worth your time:

1. Prolific

One of the highest paying survey sites is Prolific. Prolific is an academic survey site that pays you for your opinions. I have taken surveys about politics, eating habits, health, and scientific research. You are guaranteed payment for each survey you take, and you will rarely get disqualified.

Most surveys are between $1-3 per survey. Occasionally you will get surveys that will last a few days and will make more money.

Once you reach $5, you can cash out to PayPal. After you cash out a few times, the payments are instant. It is important to note that Prolific is a UK company, but other countries can sign up to take surveys for money.

Sign up to take surveys on Prolific.

2. Qmee

Qmee is one of my favorite survey sites because you can do the surveys on the go. It is a website and a mobile app. You can make at least $10 a day doing surveys on Qmee.

I do most of the surveys on my smartphone when I have some spare time. Qmee’s surveys pay up to $1.58. It adds up when you have a few hours to do surveys. With Qmee the payments are instant to your PayPal and no minimum cash out.

You can sign up here or download the Qmee app.

3. is one of the best GPT sites. It is known as a get paid to site, but I make most of my money with their daily surveys and surveys on offer walls. You can make money in a variety of ways on such as completing offers, doing paid trials, and taking surveys.

The best way to make money is to start by taking the daily surveys and Peanut Lab’s offer wall. Paypal payments are instant up to $50 and you only need $1.00 to cash out.

You can sign up for here to make extra money.

4. Paid Viewpoint

Paid Viewpoint is a survey site that is worth your time. You will never get disqualified for a survey, and you can earn up to $3 per survey. They send survey invitations by email, but it is good to check the website for new surveys. You can cash out at $15 to PayPal.

Sign up here to earn money with Paid Viewpoint.

5. Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is a legit survey site that will pay you to do a variety of tasks such as watch videos, complete offers, and take surveys for money. You can earn extra cash on Prize Rebel by taking their daily surveys such as Your Surveys and My Thought Counts.

You can make an extra $70 a week on Prize Rebel. The best thing about Prize Rebel is that it has a variety of gift cards to choose from and also a PayPal option.

You can sign up for Prize Rebel here to start earning money.

6. American Consumer Opinion

You can earn extra cash by giving your opinion. American Consumer Opinion is a survey site that pays you to help brands with their market research. You will get paid between 100 to 5,000 points per survey. The payment options are PayPal, check, or donate your money to a charity.

7. Survey Junkie

Share your opinion by using Survey Junkie. The reason why it is a survey that is worth your time is because they have plenty of surveys to choose from and focus groups that pay more. You will get paid by PayPal or virtual e-cards.

Sign up here for Survey Junkie.

The Lessons I Have Learned About Taking Surveys

I have learned a lot of lessons about taking surveys for money. The biggest thing I learned is that it is not worth it to try to make a job out of it. If you want to make money online, there are other ways to make money online that pay more. The positive lesson I have learned about surveys is that it can help you during your time of need.

In the past, I have used survey sites to make extra money for Christmas gifts and groceries. All it takes is a few hours a day to make some extra cash with survey sites.

These survey sites that are worth your time will help you put extra cash in your pocket. You can also use these survey sites for an emergency fund. Taking surveys is a fun and easy way to make money online. I hope these sites will boost your income each month.

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