Online Side Jobs that pay through PayPal

10 Legitimate Side Jobs that Pay Through PayPal

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The internet is full of ways to make legit money online. If you’re looking for a side job or a way to make extra income every month, there are websites that you can use to supplement your income. When it comes to working online, there are many different ways to get paid. PayPal is a popular way to get paid online. If you want to make any money online, you have to have a PayPal account. Although there are other methods of payment for online jobs, PayPal is the most convenient option. Here are 10 legitimate online side jobs that pay through PayPal:

1. GoTranscript

GoTranscript is a popular transcription company that hires people to transcribe audio globally. Transcription is not as simple as just typing what you here. You have to follow a style guide and have proper grammar. In order to get into GoTranscript, you have to take a test. Once you pass the test, you can accept work on the platform.

GoTranscript pays $0.60 per audio minute. Payments are processed once a week on Friday.

Make money transcribing audio by signing up here.

2. Hire Writers

Hire Writers is a website where you can make extra money writing articles. It is only a side job, and you can make part-time money depending on how many articles you write. You can get paid up to $20 per article. If you want to pursue a freelance writing career, I would not advise writing for content mills, but if you need extra cash, hire writers can help you earn extra money. Sign up here to write articles for Hire Writers. They are not accepting new writers, but it is good to have Hire Writers booked mark.


If you’re looking for online writing jobs that pay through PayPal, is a good option if you have advanced writing skills. They pay between 10 and 14 cents per word. There are no membership fees, and they have a consistent amount of work. You have to take a grammar and writing test. Earn money by writing for here.

4. Guru

A good job that pays with PayPal is Guru is a freelance marketplace. You can make money as a freelance writer, virtual assistant, social media manager, and even customer service. Guru is a bidding site so there is a little competition, but it is an excellent website to pick up side gigs. Sign up for Guru to find freelance gigs.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr is a marketplace where you can post your services online for $5. You can also add packages to make more money. There are a variety of jobs that you can do on Fiverr such as Freelance writing, virtual assisting, data entry, and other microtasks. Anyone can sign up for Fiverr and find something that they can do for $5 or more.

6. Content Gather

Are you a freelance writer that likes to write articles? Content Gather is a website that you can use to sell articles online. You get to pick the topic and the price based on the quality of the article. There are so many topics to write about such as business, finance, health, and marketing. Content Gather has to review your article first before they put it in the marketplace. You can make a decent income selling articles online.

7. Crowd Content

I have written for Crowd Content in the past, and it is one of my favorite sites to write for. They have a variety of casting calls that you can apply to. You can do Crowd Content as a side job or full-time.

The application process is simple. You have to take a variety of writing tests to be able to apply for casting calls. The editors will give you a rating, and you will get assignments based on your writing level. The pay is based on your assignment and rating. Sign up to write articles for Crowd Content.

8. User Testing

You can make money by sharing your opinions and experiences with websites by using User Testing. You will test sites to see how they function or if they’re any bugs on the website. Before you take tests, you have to take a sample test to see if your computer meets the qualifications. It is important to know that you will have to download the screen recorder. You will get paid by PayPal 7 days after the test is complete.

9. Transcribe Me

Get paid to transcribe audio with Transcribe Me. You will listen to recordings and type what you hear. The audios range from easy to difficult. Before you pick up assignments on Transcribe Me, you have to take a sample typing test. The best thing about Transcribe Me is that you don’t have to type long interviews. Most clips are 2-4 minutes long. When you pass the test, you can begin to work on assignments.

10. Cambly

Have you ever wanted to teach English to people around the world? Cambly hires tutors to speak with people that need to improve their English. You can teach people from different countries such as Japan, Turkey, and even China. The best part about Cambly is that you don’t have to have a certificate or college degree.

Now that you know about some legitimate online side jobs that pay through PayPal, you can choose which one works for you. These side jobs will help you stay financially stabled. Whether you need extra cash or a part-time job these online side jobs that pay through PayPal will help you meet your income goals.

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